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The Kitchen

Villa Silvana‚Äôs kitchen is the most fascinating room of the entire house.  It is on the lower ground floor, occupying a large room designed around a central cooking station.  This layout accommodates several people who can all gather round together  to prepare delicious local dishes.  The original rustic style has been kept and enhanced over the years.  A wonderful collection of copper pans ornates the walls.  There are saucepans and dishes of all sizes together with every possible type of kitchen implement used throughout the ages and many still often used today.  It is well known that copper pans are excellent conductors of heat  and are frequently chosen by top chefs to create their most special dishes.

Cooking courses are often held at Villa Silvana.  Qualified chefs accompany enthusiastic learners in the preparation of delicious Neapolitan food, revealing secrets that ensure the successful outcome of their efforts.