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Chinese Wedding

cineseThe invitations are sent to the guest in red envelopes, as the traditional colours of happiness and prosperity are red and gold. Gifts of money to the wedding couple are presented in red envelopes and women relatives and close friends present the bride with gold jewelry-filled purses.  During the ceremony both bride and groom pay homage and respect to their parents and elders for the guidance and wisdom they have bestowed upon them.

During the official ritual the wedding couple kneels three times, to heaven and earth, to the ancestral tablets and their parents, then to each other. The kneeling part has been replaced with bowing in modern Chinese wedding. The bride then offers tea to the parents and relatives in sequence of seniority.  The wedding banquet menu foresees eight or twelve courses: meat, shark fin soup, roast pork, sweets and fruit, wine, beer, tea and Chinese liquor.

After the ceremony, firecrackers are lit to chase any evil spirits and demons away from the couple. During the reception the bride will change at least three different wedding outfits.